This is a bit different for me, in the term that it’s a poem (one that rhymes as I’m not cool enough for it not to rhyme lol) I’m also a bit nervous posting it, but it’s my blog and it’s for me….so yeah here it goes ahah (I credit kirsty for posting her poem recently which gave me the guts to do this)

You should be smaller, no wait, be taller

Walk straight and proud but don’t stand out from the crowd.

Look coy and demure, no one likes a tease

Real women are the best, do as you please

Who would fancy a woman who’s fat

Why would you want to be skinny like that?

Break that ceiling, it’s only glass

It’s only playful when he smacks your ass

You could be a model just lose some weight

You would be prettier if you just ate

Don’t speak out, be content with your pay

It’s only for attention if you’re a lady who’s gay

She’s crying, she’s sad, she must be bleeding

Our only function must be breeding

Don’t post selfies you look too vain

You should wear make up you’re far too plain

Pose from the back, do it for the gram

Your life is too filtered you must be a sham

Shopping all the time she must be rich

She’s not smiling she must be a bitch

You party too much, clearly like a drink

Keep your voice down what would they think?!

You’re much too smart, she’s far too dumb

She’s so boring but you’re so fun

It’s me versus her, you versus me

Who decided that’s how it’d be

I want to scream, I want to shout,

I want to keep it in but let it out

Relax and breathe 1,2,3

You be you and I’ll be me