This blog is less for other people and more about remembering the moments that mean something. The moments that can’t be captured (despite how I try…)

I had one of those weekends where I couldn’t stop grinning, which felt like it had fallen out of a cheesy film or novel and into my lap – and that comes down to the Friends I have. (And yes I capped friends)

I’ve had lots of “friend groups” since I was young, some I loved, some I liked and some I put up with for the sake of others, and I have no disillusions that I haven’t appeared in that latter category for other people.

Anyway back to the weekend, it was pathetic fallacy to the max, sun shining, and cool things to do. I got to visit the friends set which was frankly balling, I left and then walked down an old untouched Victorian set which came out to a beautiful wedding with a live band playing awesome songs, I then got to meet an actor who I’ve loved his work (#DannyDevito) since I was a teenager – and I was with people I love.

It was by no means all the people I love, I’m surrounded by beautiful people, people with good souls, cackling laughs and a lack of negative judgement. People who will talk over me because they have lives full of amazing stories but who will be quiet in the moments I need to talk. Who will take me to Costa when I’ve been broken up with and laugh with me that Gotye’s ‘Somebody that I used to know’ played as I left. Friends that were with me during school and friends who live scattered around the country. Friends who wont hate me that I got drunk and said crap things to them that I didn’t mean, and more then anything friends who laugh with me and I with them.

There’s no feeling like pure, unadulterated happiness – and it doesn’t happen a lot because we allow life’s crap seek in – the work stress, the worries, the panic over where life is going to take you.

But when they happen, the majority of the time I’m surrounded by my friends, there’s a reason they say they are the family you choose*

*I love my family also ha.

  ** The pictures are recent photos and by no means a full representation of all the friends I adore haha