Odd title I know – but this is something I’ve spoken about with friends and it’s something I actually want to write about because I just watched a YouTube video in which someone said “Everybody watches porn”

Insert Britain’s got talent’s red button HERE

Not everyone does – I don’t, I don’t find it sexy, I don’t find it enjoyable in fact it just makes me self conscious and irritable.

I am fine if someone wants to watch porn – everyone can do what they want – HOWEVER, what I’m not fine with is society telling women that they have to be happy with their partner watching it and that it’s healthy and if you don’t your mans under the thumb.

Let’s take a step back here a second, WHY is it just considered the norm that men will watch other naked women, be sexually aroused by them and then have a big ole tug – that’s healthy but not wanting your partner to do that is unhealthy. Okay then.

Some couples are fine with it, some women are fine with it, but I’m not and I’m a little bit annoyed by constantly being told that a)everyone does it (so if you don’t you’re not normal) and that not wanting your partner NOT to do it is wrong….

I have so many female friends and had it in past relationships where they’ve said how unhappy their boyfriend watching porn makes them, I’ve been on an ex’s computer and found folders of naked women strumming themselves and as women we’re meant to shrug this off and be okay with it – we wouldn’t if we walked into them tossing off to a real woman on a bed – why does the thin screen make a difference?

Everyone (As long as they’re legal and consenting) can do what they want, but we also need to stop pretending it’s weird that some people DON’T watch porn, don’t like it and certainly don’t want their partner to be doing it.  (Male or female)