This is a rant blog post, this post cometh from the firey pit of my own personal Mordor, goblins and all seeing eye included. It may not be coherent but word vomit commenceth.

  • Why oh why are we horrible to each other? Why do we bitch about each other behind each others backs (and I say we, I’m not perfect but do know if I’ve said anything remotely unkind or unfair about you behind your back – I will and am prepared to say it to your face) Everyone needs the occasional release a friend has been a dick, or a friend has owed you money for 3455 years, but there’s a difference between that and nastiness, between that and sharing private conversations to other people to be spiteful, between ridiculing someone’s appearance or personality, between creating groups and channels on social media just to bitch about a singular girl- if you don’t like a girl, don’t be her friend and at least don’t manipulate someone into being your friend and then betray them
  • Why do some women think its okay to go after other people’s partners? And to an extent I include myself, one of the worst mistakes I ever made in my life – I was 20 and kissed someone else’s boyfriend, a few times, I knew he had a girlfriend and made excuses that she was crazy, I was told they were breaking up anyway, but that’s no excuse, I was a spiteful, horrid person to do that and I deserved a bout of karma that I no doubt received when months later a guy I’d fallen for cheated on me. Why do we do this to each other? When we know it would tear out our own hearts? Because we lie to ourselves and convince ourselves its somehow passable. 26 years old I’d like to think I wouldn’t dream of doing it again, and can say I wouldn’t but too many women are.
  • This one is more prevalent lately (and sorry if you’re reading this dear bf, it’s cathartic) if you’re in your ex boyfriends life for ANY reason (mine because of financial housing reasons) don’t be an asshole to their new girlfriend. My ex has a girlfriend but shock horror we still live together, it’s occasionally awkward but I’m nice to his girlfriend, I’m polite to her, I want her to know there is not a single iota of anything romantic between myself and my ex….however I don’t get the same in return, my partners ex makes me feel incredibly awkward, our very limited interaction has been tiring and complicated and I don’t feel she’s gone past the ‘let go’ stage, having her cake and trying to eat it so to speak, which in turn makes me feel quite shit. Lets not make other girls feel a bit shit yeah?
  • Female magazines – I don’t even know where to start with these, why are we reading them? Why are we buying them, why are we encouraging a fickle, unapologetic world of vanity and cruelty, so and so has fat ankles, xyz has acne! THEY’RE JUST LIKE US – why can’t we be a little bit kinder?

And yes this is a rant, and no I’m not above it all, I get swept up in it sometimes too, though I’m trying not to, I’m even trying not to be nasty about girls who have screwed me over, the negative energy isn’t worth it.

I’ll leave it on this, because it’s something I’m going to continually try and remind myself of

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