This is something people ask me about quite a lot so thought I’d write a blog post about it!

This year I’ve been to New York, Norway, Paris three times, Brussels, Orlando, Prague, Kos, Edinburgh, Lanzarote, Romania and Crotia, I’m going to Krakow tomorrow, with trips booked in the next 6 month to Vegas/LA, Dublin, Venice, New York/Washington, Romania, 2 cities in Hungary, 2 cities in Crotia, Austria and Slovenia.

That’s a fair bit of travel and I’m not loaded, before June I was earning 27k I now earn 40, baring in mind I rent a flat in London, pay over a grand tax, student finance, over 150 quid a month in travel, council tax…the list goes on.

I just travel cheap and these are my main tips

  1. Skyscanner – if you want to go away and aren’t particularly fussy about where or when but fancy a dirt cheap break it’s amazing, you can choose your departure airport and choose your destination as flexible, and then select the cheapest month, this will then give you a bunch of flights at different prices. I use this all the time and managed to get return flights to romania for 18 quid, return flights to Kos for 30, return to Dublin for 18 – it’s all about shopping around.
  2. I can’t praise this website enough, I’ve used it for over 5 years and have never had a problem, it gives you loads of hotels and ranks them by rating, price, etc.. etc.. most of the hotels have a deal where you don’t pay until you get there meaning you can budget better. If you book 5 hotels through them you then become a “genius” this gives you 10% discount on loads of hotels and earlier/later check in/out times which has been beyond handy
  3. Sign up for flight newsletters – easyjet, ryanair etc… they’ll email you special deals
  4. Airways – both offer low deposit (varies for LH and is 300 quid per booking for BA) which is great for the bigger holidays, it then means you can pay monthly, LH lets you pay right up to the month before you go and BA 10 weeks
  5. Don’t be afraid to slum it a little bit – I’ve had SO many people say how lucky I am or how envious they are of how much I travel but then in turn they tell me they wont fly with companies like wizz air or ryanair, well sadly that’s where some of the mental deals are. Look at getting early flights and getting up early and getting night buses – if you really want to make it work you can and it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.