I posed a question on Twitter yesterday, does it seem vain to celebrate the trivial? When there’s soaugustus-waters-cloud-galaxy-hazel-grace-lancaster-favim-com-2162178 much going on in the world should I really jump up and down about the fact I get to see my two fave artists (Adele and Ed Sheeran) within the space of 2 months, should I not be using that effort to spread more information and facts about what’s happening. Do I look like a floozy airhead if my social feeds are littered with men crying about being deported and then a gif of a dancing minion as I look forward to a night out?

On the other side, we live daily with atrocities, the third world is living with much worse living standards than a lot of those in the first world, affected by Trump or otherwise (I’m not pardoning that) but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t or perhaps shouldn’t celebrate the trivialities of life that make it enjoyable, or for some bearable.

So is it different now because its so close to home, either way this isn’t meant to be a political post – another waste of valuable internet space maybe when I could use this time to learn more? To do more?

A couple of people tweeted me one of Dumbledore/JKRowling’s most inspiring quotes

‘Happiness can be found, even if the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light’

Do we think that is the case? Or is anyone else feeling a bit like me? A bit self aware that the little things that might make me happy are rubbing it in the faces of those who are fighting so hard right now?