Harry Potter has been part of my life since I was 8 years old (so 20 years, nearly as long as the book has been out – 20 years today!) And never has something fictional felt so real, it has dictated so many emotions in my life – Mainly happiness, occasionally some sadness, usually over a fictional death (or nearly getting to work for Pottermore – an opportunity I lost and still very much grieve over) I will never be truly able to articulate what the world means to me, but I have whittled down five of my favourite Potter moments that I’ve experienced:


Meeting JK Rowling
I’ve been lucky enough to meet Jo a few times, once I physically ran into her at the Olympics (sorry Jo!) However, one time I was walking down the road on my lunch break (heading to Primark to buy a Hogwarts tee) I looked up from my phone for the tiniest of a second and a woman who looked just like Jo walked past me – I shook myself, there’s no way it could be her right? So I double backed, because she was on her own, and if it was her there’s no way I could let this situation pass, she went to t he bank and the ATM and after that I tapped her on the shoulder and rambled at her “ImSoSorryButImAReallyBigFan….” she pulled me to the side and I spent around 5 minutes with her, she signed for me and took a selfie. Every year when the date comes around that I met her, I pinch myself, I’m generally not a believer in luck but in that instance….

Getting the last book
Growing up my mum was quite strict and we didn’t have a lot of older family members, we also didn’t drive which meant midnight launches were almost impossible. I begged my mum to let me go to the one for DH (I was 17) this was the last book and I’d waited 10 years for the final answer, eventually she relented, as long as my sister came with (which she did for £20….) and that I got a taxi back, the last Potter book essentially cost me £60, but reading it along with the world meant everything to me. (Especially as someone on a forum I used created a fake ID to msg me everyone who died….)

Diagon Alley for the first time
I’m counting both the studio tour and Universal Florida in this. Diagon Alley is one of my favourite locations from the film, the bustle of it reminds me of all the reasons I love London, only it’s paired with MAGIC. The studio tour is amazing because it’s the actual set and the lighting changes, but in Florida it’s the closest you’re ever getting to being IN it.

DHP2 Premiere
This was FOUR DAYS – of waiting, four days in blistering heat and thunder storms. Four days of guarding your place like a lioness with a baby cub, of excitement, of eating Tesco sausage rolls, of build up and anticipation and it was all worth it. Along with thousands of other fans I got to say goodbye to the film series – I got to hear the speeches first hand, and despite all the stress it was worth it, especially as I got Jo to sign my copy of Deathly Hallows

Invited to FB premiere
Like Deathly Hallows ended one Wizarding World Saga, Fantastic Beasts starts the next, the adult saga in my eyes, the grown up Wizarding World, five years after the last film I was involved with the new film, but in a totally different and unexpected ways, thanks to a film blog I’d set up I was considered an “influencer” (I hate that word but whatever haha) I was invited to fan events and then to the Red (blue) carpet itself, I got to walk down the European Premiere carpet with my boyfriend and some of my best friends, and that itself is pretty damned special