I’ve travelled to a fair few cities, some because I’ve wanted to and others because they’ve had rave reviews. Some, like Prague or Venice really live up to their hype, but others not so much.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Paris. I’ve been a bunch of times and had varied experiences, some of my favourite stories are from Paris, but I just don’t get “it”. It has this reputation of being super romantic and just pleasant and it mostly doesn’t feel like that at all. I’ve had my phone robbed off me there, been accused of jumping barriers at the metro (clue, we did not) and over all not really understood why it’s so famed and loved. In fact I think lots of people do think like this (so much so there’s something called the Paris Syndrome, which is about how people suffer from how disappointed they are by the city ha! Not sure how much truth there is in it, but it makes an amusing read.  

So the touristy stuff was cool, the fact the city is steeped in SO much history and you can feel that in certain places. However after dark it felt quite dangerous which is not a feeling I have in many places. Honestly, the city felt very grubby and if it wasn’t for the magnificent monuments and the history surrounding them I really don’t think I’d have happy memories of Rome at all. However, that said it was a long time ago so I wouldn’t be against returning and seeing if I felt differently.

Copenhagen is a popular city right now, with the whole hygge way of living and what not, and I did have a good time in Copenhagen. I went with my best mate and we had a proper giggle, but that was because of our company. If we hadn’t stumbled across the Tivoli theme park and gardens I have no idea what we would’ve done with our time. I would not return.

When I said I was going to Toronto as part of a Christmas trip lots of people were quite excited for me, said I was surely going to LOVE it. So I went in with fairly high hopes, but was left pretty deflated. It’s not that I didn’t like it but it felt like I could literally be in any North American city. Nothing stood out as a wow factor. In fact my favourite parts of it were the pandas in the Zoo and the poutine! I wouldn’t return in a hurry.

I know a lot of people love Barcelona, Ed Sheeran has a song about how great the city is and like Rome I just didn’t get it. This might have been down to the fact I was with a group of people from school, or the extreme uncomfortable heat, I’m not entirely sure, but other than the Gaudi artwork there was nothing that stood out to me as why so many people like it. Similarly to Rome, I might return as it was a long time ago I went, so my opinions might change.

This is no shade on those that like these cities, my fave is New York and there’s a thousand people who could say how overrated that is!

What are your overrated cities or tourist destinations?