So this is becoming a tradition now, started 3 years ago after I was feeling low and a bit useless. I was getting ready to set up my new years resolutions, you know that list of things you’re not doing well at and need to improve at and it was just making me feel even worse, so I decided every year from that year, rather than sit and mull over what I’m not doing well, I’m going to look at the ten things I’ve been most happiest/proud of. So here we go 2018…

  1. We got engaged, this is without a doubt the best moment of my year, to be walking over Brooklyn Bridge with one of my favourite people in the world, as the sun is setting, to get a tap on the shoulder and find out your partner has flown out to surprise propose to you, there’s no other feeling like it. I am so incredibly happy with Sam and I cannot wait to be his wife.
  2. I learnt to swim – this is a huge thing for me as I’m so utterly petrified of drowning. I’m also not comfortable with a lot of my body on show which is part and parcel of a swimsuit, but this year I stepped out into a space where my feet didn’t touch the ground and it was both petrifying and amazing all at once. I’m still no Michael Phelps, but I can be in the water and enjoy more of what holidays have to offer.
  3. JK Rowling signed my old tattered copy of Philosopher’s Stone. I’ve been lucky to meet her half a dozen times now, but this book is so special to me I’ve tried so many times to get her to sign it and it’s never worked and this was the year. I’ll treasure it forever. (she also held my hand so we’re officially besties now)

  4. I got a new job which I really do adore, it challenges me and I’ve recently had to work a lot of late nights but the work is tangible and everyone is a big team. It’s nice to work in a none competitive environment where everyone has your back and you can have a good giggle. I’ve also learned a lot about memes.
  5. I’ve ticked a lot of bucket list travels off, Iceland, Mexico, Cuba and Salem to name a few. Travelling allows me to see and experience so much and I constantly pinch myself at how much of the world is open to me.
  6. I attended an intimate gig with Ed Sheeran. It’s not easy when one of your fave artists to see them in a setting outside of a huge stadium but this year we managed it, survived the battle for tickets and propped up second row.
  7. I’ve worked at a convention company for 10 years this year, and whilst it hasn’t always been perfect it’s something I have loved and have awfully fond memories of. This year they had Steven Segal as a guest, which I vocally said I thought was an awful idea, especially given his political ties and the extensive history of sexual abuse accusations against him. Despite this, I was asked to work with him, specifically to sit with him and i said no, and afterwards I walked away from the company. I know in the future I will have FOMO they’ll be amazing guests, but if you have morals and are tested, and don’t pass the test then are they really your morals at all?
  8. I’ve been more selfish which might sound like a weird thing to be proud of, but so often your happiness is based on how others treat you in your life, and if it isn’t working you have to make some selfish decisions. Whilst this has been hard and I’ve often struggled with it, I’ve done it regardless and it’s paid off.
  9. We moved into our new home, and I couldn’t enjoy it more, it’s spacious and homely, even if the lack of double glazing makes it coooooold! We have a massive garden that we got to have our engagement party in, it has high ceilings and cosy rooms and most importantly doesn’t have MOULD AND DAMP!! (like our last place)
  10. I’ve become more at home in my own skin, I’m not entirely happy with how I look, and how I feel, but I’ve not let it hold me back as much as usual. I’ve embraced fashion that I prefer, I’ve not hidden away in black clothes, and I’ve worn actual shorts and short skirts this year!

ROLL ON 2019!!