Yesterday I came close to landing my dream job, and by dream I mean dream. The kinda thing I’ve always (Since I was a child) wanted to do, and by close I mean the final 2 close. And the person who beat me to it? A friend who put me forward for the job in the first place. Cue many tears and guttural crying, that whole broken up with a love of your life sobbing. A friend tried to appease me with “at least you got that far” – but actually I’d have preferred to get no where in it, to have never even tried, than to come that close.

But after talking to a couple of people who mean a lot to me I sat down and thought of the things I’ve achieved this year – and instead of looking at what I’m going to do NEXT year, I’m going to applaud myself for the stuff I did do, and not let this taint the end of my year… here we go 2015’s results over 2016’s resolutions.

  1. I travelled, a lot. I went to Orlando and saw Harry Potter World with my best friend, I went to Amsterdam and Paris, Sicily and climbed up Mount Etna, I went to Marrakech and quad biked through an empty desert. I went on a 24 hour trip to Copenhagen, I adventured, I saw a lot of the world and I did it whilst working full time.
  2. Be The Red Carpet (my website) was shortlisted as a top ten UK events website, and yes we didn’t win, but this was a tiny website I set up in my bedroom and aided by a brilliant friend we were recognised by the industry, and it felt good.
  3. I had a baby conversation with JK Rowling, yes it only happened through a couple of tweets, but it was awesome, and about politics.res1
  4. I did a lot in my career, I helped set up in a new department in my old job, I then made the choice to leave that job when I knew it was being detrimental to my career path, I worked freelance on some awesome projects and now work for Disney and that’s pretty cool.
  5. I went to some kick arse parties, I went to the top floor of the gherkin and danced with Matt Smith and rode a golf buggy around the Tower of London at the world premiere of Game of Thrones season 5.
  6. I consciously uncoupled 😉 Okay haha, myself and my partner of 2 years called time on our pretty stagnant relationship, whilst remaining friends and house mates. Quite the achievement I think, it also opened the door for us both to meet other people, instead of holding on to something that wasn’t going anywhereres2
  7. I ran YALC (Young Adult Lit Convention) at a company I’ve volunteered for a long time, and heck I don’t feel like I got the recognition I deserved, but from the people who worked with me on the days and myself, I know I did a good job, and I proved to myself a lot of stuff that weekend.
  8. I met some freaking awesome people. BUZZ ALDRIN! Like what, Garret Hedlund too after waiting ten years, and I got a kiss on the cheek from him, I call that good going haha. I also got to speak to the Mockingjay cast on the last ever UK junket
  9. I kept my friendship group, and have done for a few years, whilst making new friends (*cough* woodsy *cough* ) and cutting people out that were bitter – might sound silly but maintaining friendships is important, especially as the people I have in my life mean the world to me
  10. I got a new tattoo – Not a huge deal, but I’ve wanted one for ages.res3