… that in turn plague my dreams (aka nightmares) and genuinely cause concern for me.

Rats/mice eating me/running over my body – When I was little a mouse somehow got in our house, and made a little bed under my bed, it absolutely terrified me, the idea of a substantially sized living creature cohabiting without my permission. Also the speed they run, and then I found out that rats can basically chew through anything and mice can squish their bones. They’re basically ninja assassins. I also saw rats this morning and burst out crying on the spot cementing my fear. I would take 100 spiders for one rat.

Pooping during pregnancy – I have no up and coming plans to become pregnant, or indeed have a child, but once I learnt that a lot of women poop during pregnancy it has bothered me far too much, and is probably my number 1 fear associated with having a child.

Dying and their being nothing afterwards – I genuinely cannot sleep sometimes thinking about this, about life ending and their being a black abyss. Even though I’m aware that I wouldn’t in fact be aware. It still creeps me out no end though.

Tornados – I live in the UK, the probability of a full on movie style, sucking up cows and cars tornado is probably close to nil. However I still get nervous, I imagine picturing one on the horizon and it’s like mental torture.

I’m very aware all of these things are batshit insane – but I’d love to hear other people’s ridiculous fears!