So Ryanair recently started flying to a small city called Timisoara in Romania. I’ve been to Romania before and loved it because it was crazy cheap and I went with some of my best mates. So because the flights were only £18 return me and my boyfriend jumped at the chance to see somewhere new for the weekend.

We managed to snag an entire suite for £95 for two nights at a hotel called Ioesfin Residence and it was stunning, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and only ten minutes away from the city centre.Timisoara makes no pretences, it is no Prague or Krakow but it has its own beauty. A bit shabby and bit magnificent with a wide variety of rainbow coloured buildings. It’s a very small city but the people are lovely and there are small cafes with an abundance of pastries and hot drinks. Our favourite cafe we found was a place called Senneville, where we had some of the nicest, if not sweetest cakes we’ve ever had. We couldn’t find many places that were open to sample local food so we ended up stuck with a McDonalds.

Drinks are crazy cheap and we found a lovely cocktail bar called ‘Hype’ where it was about £4 a drink and they were really, really good cocktails.

All in all the city is lovely and well worth a visit if you can get there on a really cheap deal like we did, however, I would only otherwise suggest it if you were on the way to another city such as Bucharest or Brasov.