So – I travel a lot, that’s no secret, it’s also no secret that I plan well and travel cheap. I thought I’d take a look at just how much my travel has cost me (eek…) and how good of a deal it was/is. I’ve broken down the costs just what I paid, all hotels were usually double the cost (unless it was Portugal as this was a birthday gift for my partner) additionally spending money includes travel to and from airports etc… so here goes… (all prices are in GDP) If you just want to nose at the full costs just scroll to the bottom (I don’t even know as I’m writing this, but I’m going to estimate around 8k…)


Trip length: 3 nights 4 days
Hotel cost: £122.50
Spending money: £200
Flights: £106
Total: £328.50
Summary: Venice is a hella expensive city, especially over New Years Eve. We actually paid for this and departed in 2016 so I’m not including it in the grand total of 2017 spends but including it as it started my year of travels of and gives a good indicator! The prices were what we expected.


Trip Length: 3 nights, 4 days
Hotel cost: £130
Flight cost: £180
Spending money: £300
Total: £610
Summary: NYC isn’t a cheap city, you’re looking at London prices if not more at certain places as well as entry costs for touristy experiences. Considering we fit in both the Empire state building and the Statue of Liberty I think we did well with our money


Trip length: 2 nights 3 days
Hotel cost: £48
Spending money: £105
Flights: £18
Total: £171
Summary: Timisoara is cheap as effff. Our hotel was so opulent for the price, it was a full bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, lounge apartment and 100% central. I think drinks felt a little bit more than I expected as I’d been to Bucharest where the drinks were ridiculously cheap, but all in all great value for a trip away.


Trip length: 4 nights 5 days
Hotel cost: £58
Flight cost: £40
Spending money: £150
Total: £248
Summary: Morocco is worth the money, this was my 2nd trip and the sights and experiences you have are worth it. It was the 2nd time I’d visited and would return, the cheapness just increases that. I think the fact we didn’t drink in Morocco helped keep the costs down massively.


Trip Length: 5 nights, 6 days
Hotel cost: FREE (work trip)
Spending money: £100
Flights: Free (Work trip) but sam paid £330 to give an indicator
Total: £100
Summary: This one is a bit of a cheat because it is a work trip and I spend the majority of the time working, however I did manage to see some sights and of course I spent my own money on that!


Trip length: 8 nights, 9 days
Hotel cost: £130
Spending money: £425
Flights: £73
Total: £628
Summary: This was an 8 day trip where myself and my best friend city hopped, we spent two days in each city and given we did touristy things in each one and had a couple of nights out I think to be away for over a week and only spend the amount I did in four countries is really good.


Trip Length: 4 nights, 5 days
Package holiday cost: £225
Spending money: £150
Total: £375
Summary: This trip ended up costing more than originally intending because EasyJet messed up and then refused to take the blame. I booked this with loveholidays which allows for a low cost deposit and monthly payments so it was easily managed per month


Trip Length: 4 nights, 5 days
Flights: £141
Hotel: £159
Spending money: £300
Total: £600
Summary: Portugal itself is actually quite cheap! The only reason it was pricier than usual is because as I mentioned at the beginning it was a gift to my boyfriend on his 30th birthday so it ended up costing a tad more. Very good value for money as a city though

New Orleans

Trip Length: 7 nights, 7 days
Holiday cost: £850
Spending money: £700
Total: £1550
Summary: Yes this was a pricey one, but it’s a place I’ve always dreamed of going, it’s quite far away and was in a nice hotel that was super close up. Also we didn’t want to skimp on spending money whilst we were there as it was our 2nd year anniversary. I’m sure it can be done cheaper but I think we did it quite well.

New York

Trip Length: 3 nights, 3 days
Flight cost: £200 including connecting flights to and from Ireland and Edinburgh
Hotel cost: £143
Spending money: £280
Total: £623
Summary: I’m going full out and saying this is incredibly cheap to go to NYC, we did it on the bare bones cash wise but still had an incredible time and I don’t think we missed out on doing anything.


Trip length: 1 night, 1.5 days
Flights: Free
Hotel cost £22
Spending money: £100
Total: £122
Summary: The flights for Stockholm were free because Ryanair cancelled a bunch of flights on us so we got vouchers. We also took too much money with us given the fact everyone said how expensive Sweden is.

Shannon/New York/Toronto/Boston/Cork
Trip Length: 12 nights, 13 days
Flight cost: £386 (including all connecting flights)
Hotel costs: £550
Spending money: £1,200
Total: £2522
Summary: This is the big one, the end of year trip, and it’s pricey, but we’ve saved up for it, forgone giving each other many Christmas presents. Our flights, given we’re also going into Canada are ridiculously cheap – we haven’t gone yet but I am stoked!



I have excluded the costs of Venice because that came from 2016’s wages, but I was very close with 8k! In fact pretty bang on if I’d included Venice which is good to know I keep abreast of my finances.

I’m very aware this is a lot of money, but I think for 3 trips to New York, a trip to Canada, New Orleans, Boston a trip to Morocco and the plethora of European holidays we’ve done incredibly well. Some people could spend that on 1 or 2 big holidays and I’ve managed to have big holidays and small weekend breaks….So there we go!

I have my holidays for next year pretty much sorted in the form of Athens, Iceland, Cuba, Mexico, New York and Florida but I’m sure I’ll fit a few sneaky weekends in there too!