Sounds a bit drastic that headline doesn’t it? Like something from Take a Break magazine or Jeremy Kyle, but really, in a way it did.

Today marks the 10th year since the Twilight Saga hit our screens, (of course the books have been out longer) but it was Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson striding into a blue tinted Forks that really became the catalyst for the hysteria around the series.
I read the books during a really bleak period of time, I’ve spoke about it before (LINK) so don’t really need to go on about it too much but they really helped my mental health. I was in such a horrible situation I didn’t spot really any problems with the story and just instead focused on someone who was irrevocably in love with someone else, something I felt I was massively lacking.
The films, despite not being a huge fan of Kristen became something I really looked forward to. One day I was on Facebook and saw a post in a group about a Twilight convention. I hadn’t really heard of conventions before other than as the butt of a joke in American films and TV shows. I was drawn in to the promise of meeting some of the actors. I’m not sure why as it hadn’t been something I’d been interested in before, but in my trapped little bubble it suddenly felt exciting and a world away from my life at the time.
I joined the forums expressing interest in the event and how I was scared to go alone, someone reached out to me saying she also was going alone, and knew of another girl who needed a roommate. That girl is my friend Jasmine, who I still talk to and love to bits today. I didn’t know this conversation would lead me to the path I’m now. Later that day I crumbled and bought a ticket, the next day they sold out.
I attended these conventions and you know what I’m supposed to look and be really embarrassed, but why? They were FUN. It was a topic I loved, I was meeting people left right and centre that shared my passion not only for this film series but lots of things I loved. At the second event I met a friend, Jenny, who is now my bridesmaid. The events required me to budget and travel alone and it gave me an independence I’d lacked for a long time. This lead to me gathering the courage to leave my suffocating and damaging relationship, it allowed me to learn about London and move down there, and most of all it gave me the best people I’ve ever met.
I started working with one of the actors from the film series, and then I started volunteering for the events and meeting more actors and I dipped my toe in the world of publicity and from there my career really started.
Ten years later I look back at the photos and laugh, some of them are truly awful, but on the ten year anniversary I’m publicly declaring myself no longer embarrassed that I went to Twilight conventions, it’s not a seedy dark part of my past. It’s a little corny and it’s a lot of bad hairstyles but most of all it was the page turns that lead to the chapter of my life now. To a healthy loving supporting life, rather than a trapped one where I sought solace and romance from a 108 year old vampire.