It’s cool to hate Valentine’s day isn’t it? The one holiday you have full carte blanche to hate. To call out declarations of love and stick a middle finger up at it virtually or otherwise.

It was clearly invented by the greeting card companies to capitalise on people’s love or lust for one another, it’s just a chance to show off and push your love in single people’s faces. It’s even cooler to hate Valentine’s if you’re in a relationship ‘We’re above that, we don’t need one day of the year to prove our love – we prove our love every day’ and all of that jazz.

My big ole question is, what is the difference between Valentine’s and say Mothers or Fathers Day? How are the yellow and purple, click to order, instagram friendly bouquets  sent via interflora any different to the single/dozen red roses given out on Valentine’s? The aftershave for your father any different than that for your boyfriend? – Though I will say unless expressly asked for and or needed, aftershave is always a bit of a garbage gift.

All the holidays are commercialised, yes you can shower your partner in love any day of the year, but you can also do the same for your parents, you can give chocolate eggs to your loved ones any day of the year and heck why wait until Christmas to have a decorated tree? That fauna will look good any day of the year!

In addition to the above, I don’t know a single person who wants to shove it down a single persons face ‘LOOK I HAVE SOMEONE AND YOU DON’T‘ given that a) they’re probably just thinking of themselves and b) lots of people choose to be single. So shouting out I love you to my boyfriend is no more of a ‘ha fuck you’ to single people than people who celebrate father’s day. I’m pretty sure they aren’t going ha your dad was crap and now he’s dead but oooh look at MY dad.

My round about point is, I like Valentine’s day, I like that there’s a day to celebrate my partner in the same way I like all of the other holidays. I like the excitement that creeps up knowing it’s just around the corner, I like thinking of something different to buy him and who doesn’t like unwrapping a gift regardless of when it is given?

I don’t think anyone should feel obliged to celebrate Valentine’s, in the same way you shouldn’t be obliged to celebrate any holiday, but why is the open mocking of Valentine’s and those that do like it such an accepted thing?

Fact of the matter is every single day I wake up and see so much hate, so much it’s painful – so I have no problem with a day specifically focused on love, whether that’s with helium red balloons or a quiet meal behind closed doors, whether it’s nothing but the same as yesterday and tomorrow, or it’s grand gestures and hundreds of pounds on a fancy meal.

I will basque in love in any form because there’s so much hatred if anything I think we need more public holidays focused on love and I’m happy to line the greeting cards companies for it.

On a side note I’m spending Valentine’s day in the cinema spending about a fiver because we both have Unlimited Cineworld cards and chowing down on one of the many chains in the o2.