Whilst I don’t want to bore folk with constant chatter, I do want to document my wedding planning process, so this is me, doing just that!

Before we got engaged we’d discussed eloping to New York, given it was our favourite city, I even discussed it IN NYC, with my best friend, hours before my proposal happened,  but once it happened and it was a real thing I changed my mind, deciding I did want as many of my friends and family there as possible… so from then here’s the first things we did.

  1. Chose a tentative date, we came to our date pretty quickly actually, deciding we didn’t want to rush it. We wanted to have plenty of time to save for the day we truly wanted, whilst not having to scrimp and save and miss out on holidays etc in the interim. Additionally, so many times when I see folks discussing their wedding, there’s a tonne of last minute panic, ideally I would have everything sorted around 3 months before so I can just slide into the Big Day. We settled on 2020 and September as the number 9 is special to us (we met on the 9th) so the 19th of the 9th felt nice, also there was the hope it wouldn’t be too hot or too cold
  2. Decided on the things between us were must haves/and have nots e.g:
    1. Dry hire venue – so we could bring in our own food and drink
    2. NO CHILDREN – I’m sorry but I don’t have any of my own, I only care for about 3 children in the world, their noise annoys me, I don’t want them there, and I’m sorry if any parents find that offensive, but I’m not paying thousands of pounds for your kid to get their sticky hands on my dress and knee slide across the floor to Come on Eileen
    3. No religion – We’re not religious so didn’t want to get married in a church, or have vows that included anything about god or religion.
    4. It would be in London (or as close as possible) It’s fairly cheap and easy to get to London if you book in enough time, and the core group of people coming are based in or or around London so we wanted people to travel as little as possible.
    5. How can we make it as cheap as possible for guests – Weddings are pricey af, outfits, hen nights, stag dos, spray tans etc…. and we didn’t want to make it a situation where any of our friends felt priced out of attending, we’re paying for our bridesmaids dresses, the bar is free and we’re looking at how we can ferry people around for as cheap as possible.
  3. Who we wanted involved – The bridesmaids and groomsmen were picked pretty swiftly, with the maid of honour being asked AT the engagement, after that we went through our friends and family. My sister and my best friend from school were no-brainers. I’d always said if I got married they would be involved. I then asked other friends who I considered close to me and that would like to do it. The same for the groomsmen. I don’t consider myself a bridezilla, a planner yes, eager to arrange events yes, but a bridezilla no, I do however want to be surrounded by those who can help me if and when needed. I always swore I would NOT choose between my London friends for bridesmaids, as I value them equally and tbh deep down I think they’d rather just have the fun of the day than the run up. I however realised pretty swiftly that no one lived near me, there was no one near by for dress fittings or decoration making, or girly chats over prosecco, so we asked a friend of ours to perform the role of a ‘Narrator’, she’ll be part of the bridal party and help with the crafty stuff and announcements and it fits her perfectly.
  4. Bought the dress, booked a venue – Some people are like OMG it’s so early, why or how would you do it this early. See my earlier comment about stress but also it helps budgeting. The venue is also booked because it books up FAST, a lot of 2019 was full as it’s a grade listed building that can only offer so many weddings on a year, on a Saturday, for half the year. So around 15-25 weddings a year – max. So we snapped it up because we loved it so much.With the dress I originally went with my friend Gloria just for the ‘lols’ and then stumbled across a dress I fell in love with, it felt entirely me and I felt comfortable and pretty, as we were leaving the shop I saw another dress and commented on how beautiful it was, only for my friend to comment that it was the exact same dress. I went for a second fitting with my bridesmaids to show them and get their opinion. I still loved it and got scared it would sell out so Sam kindly offered to pay for it. When you know you know, please see below shots of my lovely round head during trying on wedding dresses, guess which ones match to the dress I did like and didn’t!
  5. Established a colour theme and a hashtag, a lot of things are based on the colour theme, invites, bridesmaids dresses etc… so we decided on this pretty early on. Wanting a theme that could match an autumn/summer wedding as well as multiple skin tones before settling on navy with a rose gold accent (my fave and it matches my engagement ring). I love social media, I love documenting things, so I wanted a hashtag so we could keep track of stuff we got up to over the 2 year journey pre wedding. We threw around a load of cheesy ideas like 2 hearts one stone, playing on the surname but they all sounded cheesy and garbage so we went with plain and simple #SamAndTalieSayIDo

So that’s where we are now, as of  August 2018 with just over 2 years left, it’s going pretty smoothly so far and I’m enjoying the process of becoming Mrs Stone