The title pretty much gives the subject of this instalment of my wedding diaries away. I’m going to talk about the process of buying a dress and the discussions/choices around changing my surname.

[Wedding Diaries PT 1]

First up: THE DRESS

Thanks to many, many blogs and forums I found at that pretty much most bridal stores only carry up to a size 14 (often just a 12) so you don’t actually get to try on the dress (like wtf) they just kinda hold it up against you or leave the back gaping open meaning you don’t get a full look at what you’re actually going to look like. I’d read that Callie Thorpe (who is a plus size blogger I love) had a good time at David’s Bridal and one of my really good friends (Glowpinkstah) also suggested them so I made my first trip with her to their Glasgow branch.

I cannot credit their service enough, I knew going in that I was going to feel awkward and blah about my body but they made it as seamless as they could. My sales assistant Chloe was AMAZING, like she was this tiny beautiful lady but never once made me feel inferior about my size nor did the other ladies that worked there. They had little squares on the coat hangers of any dress that came in a plus size so it was really easy to navigate around the store and not feel incredibly awkward. All in all I had an amazing time, my friend was great and really helped me feel comfortable, their service was amazing and I absolutely fell in love with a dress but at that point couldn’t afford.
Roll on a month or so later and it’s my engagement party and all but one of my bridesmaids are in attendance so we decide to make a day of it, go and try on the dress again and get their opinion etc… The London Stratford David’s Bridal experience could NOT have been more different to the one in Glasgow. Their store was really busy which I understand but if it means you can’t even give 5 minutes to a perspective customer you shouldn’t be booking yourself that busy. Myself and my bridesmaids were hurried into a corner where they got the dress out that I loved, I wasn’t asked if I wanted to try on any others (and I need to add I had an appointment I wasn’t just a walk in). I decided regardless of this I would buy the dress, I loved it and was scared I would never find anything else I loved as much.
Do you know when you’re on TV and there’s all this fanfare when you buy a dress? They take photos, offer you champagne? At the Stratford branch of David’s Bridal you get NADA, they sent my bridesmaids off and just processed it like a normal transaction. One of the things that annoyed me most was that the awful sales assistant I had in London would get the commission over the fantastic Chloe in Glasgow despite me requesting that not be the case.
On top of that when the dress arrived it had a gaping hole at the back where it appeared unstitched, I took it back into store and their senior sales manager tried to tell me “Wedding dresses just come like that” despite the fact it wasn’t like that when I got it and that they would fix it when I came in for my fitting (LOL- will absolutely NEVER give them a single penny again)
I adore my dress I really do, its so utterly me, but the experience isn’t like it is on say yes to their dress, at David’s Bridal anyway.
I like my surname, that is simply and only the reason I debated not changing it. I know some consider it old fashioned and some argue antifeminist to take your partners name blah blah blah, but I like that there’s an element of tradition to it. I never had a hugely traditional family arrangement growing up and that is utterly fine, but I kinda want a little bit of it as an adult. Deep down I have an awful urge for 2.4 children nuclear family set up, and it grosses me out a little bit.
Back to the name, I LOVE mine, it’s unusual, I get compliments all the time, it accompanies my first name well, but I like Sam’s too.
There was discussion about double-barrelling it, but we couldn’t agree on how we wanted it to sound, what suited my name didn’t suit Sam’s etc.. ANYWAY after reading an article about Avril Lavigne (lol) I stumbled across the fact that when she married Deryck Whibley he added her name Lavigne as one of his middle names and that seemed like a nice solution. I will keep Delemere and add it to my already two middle names and adopt his surname and in turn he will add Delemere into his name. We will pass this onto our children if we choose to have them.
And that’s part two of wedding stuff 😮