15826201_10154454187258515_3325685884311879031_n… so the saying goes. I disagree, hugely. When I was about 15/16 I started to get quite interested in the people behind the things I loved and was mocked for it by people who I thought at the time were friends. What I didn’t know was that interest would actually start the career path to where I am now, but that aside I’ve had nothing but positive experiences when I’ve met my “heroes”. Perhaps inspirations is a better moniker?

The authors of the books we love, the artists who perform the music we use as backing tracks to our lives, the actors who make us laugh and cry its only natural that sometimes people would like to meet that person in person even if its briefly to say thank you, to shake their hand, to see them behind the scenes so it were.

But there’s a bit of stigma to it, albeit it’s one that is slightly deteriorating thanks to the popularity conventions and “geek culture” becoming more mainstream, but people still choose to sometimes mock people for having adoration/admiration for someone that’s famous.

15826393_10154454187068515_2097633399396649675_nHowever some famous people are the most interesting people because their lives are so mad so in turn their stories are fascinating, some of the best moments of my life have been with my “idols/heroes/inspirations” delete as applicable. Sometimes its also nice to humanise someone you may have on a pedestal

I’ve been able to thank JK Rowling for her art, the art that I sought solace in when I was being bullied, the art that introduced me to so many of my best friends and constantly gives me a happy place. I have listened to Buzz Aldrin talk about his moon walking, had Stan Lee tell me the photoshoot queue I co-organised was the best he’d ever experienced. I’ve interviewed everyone from Kate Winslet to Jon Stewart. I’ve spent the day with Hercules a show I watched religiously as a child and walked the red carpet for Fantastic Beasts and so many many things between that that come with their own anecdotes, memories and emotions.

I always worried being passionate/a “fan” would hinder me in work, especially when it came to working with celebrities, but I’m professional enough to separate the two and I’d hope people would see that.

Some people have had their lives literally saved by music/film/tv/books/sport, they’ve been inspired to create their own art, they’ve lived a better life for it! And if you have the opportunity to meet someone I say go for it!

And those that mock are probably the first that would be running to Facebook to say they saw a third division footballer/Hollyoaks extra in Superdrug.