I saw a comment on Twitter the other day that reflected on what a real traveller was and it irked me a tad.

There is a lot of snobbery in travelling which is utterly unjustified. When you think of a traveller maybe you conjure the image of someone in harem pants and beads in their hair, with a rucksack and wicker shoes. Someone who quits their job and goes around Thailand for six months to a year and finds themselves.

I don’t do that, I go to as many places I can seeing snapshots of the world, trying to take the opportunity to sample as much as I can, a buffet of the world rather than over indulging on one meal. But that is still travelling.

Someone may go on holiday once a year, someone might go away every weekend, someone might only ever go to cities in their own country but it all constitutes as travelling. Thanks to cheaper airfares and more accessible travel options more people are being able to see the world, to open their eyes to what is out there and that’s okay. You can’t be hipster “I loved it before you did” about travelling. Everyone has the right to see the world whether that’s from a sun bed in Marbella every year or whether they race to see every country in the world by the time they’re 40.

Travelling is so personal, it wont and can’t be the same for everyone, just don’t judge someone else because their way isn’t your way.


What’s your way of travelling?